NPOA Trash Services

Trash services at Northstar are negotiated and contracted through Northstar Community Services District (NCSD) with the local service provider Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal. This agreement includes services provided to Single Family Residences, base level of services provided to condominium associations that are part of Northstar Property Owners Association (NPOA), and the dumpster Site. NCSD owns the dumpster Site and manages the maintenance of the Site including the gates. Through an agreement with NCSD,  NPOA manages the gate controllers and readers including access control. NPOA has further installed security cameras, and actively manages this site via video surveillance. Unauthorized use of the dumpster Site are subject fines up to $2,500! The dumpster Site is available to homeowners and their authorized guests for the disposal of household waste and recyclables only.

Single Family Residence (SFR) owners are reminded to utilize a bear box / bear shed / or trash can with a lid at your residence. In order to protect our local wildlife and ensure a beautiful community, never leave unsecured bags of household waste just sitting in bag(s) curbside. Another option is to take household waste / recyclables only to the dumpster Site located on Northstar Drive. Similarly, trash taken there should never be left on the ground outside of a dumpster and all dumpster lids at the Site need to be fully closed and secure before leaving to help discourage bears from rummaging through.

We continue to ask SFR owners to not dispose of trash at any condominium dumpsters, as these dumpsters are for the exclusive use of those condominium owners and authorized guests. The number of dumpsters and service levels at the condominium locations are based on the number of condominium units within that association, not the entire community.

Please refer to any of the links in this section for more information. Thank you to the entire community for your cooperation and doing your part to properly dispose of all waste and recyclables to help keep Northstar a beautiful and safe community!