Design Review

Single Family Residents Design Review Information

***This is a brief description of some requirements and is not intended to be inclusive***

In accordance with the NPOA Design Review Guidelines, owners of single-family residences must receive NPOA’s written approval before improvements or alterations of any kind can be made to the outside of your home. All Site improvements and exterior changes for homes within NPOA’s jurisdiction, including both structures and remodeling of existing structures, are subject to the jurisdiction of the Design Review Committee (“DRC”) and require Committee approval. Specifically, any additions or changes to the exterior of the property or structures must be reviewed by the DRC, or when appropriate, the NPOA staff. Such exterior work requiring approval also includes, but is not limited to painting, staining, siding, roofing, lighting, landscaping, the removal of trees, as well as any work involving exterior hot tubs, patios, decks, steps, retaining walls, parking areas, and solar panels.

There are, however, certain proposed “minor improvements” that may be reviewed and approved by the NPOA General Manager (“GM”) or Community Standards Manager (“CSM”) without requiring submission to the full DRC. For example, the GM/CSM can approve such minor improvements as small alterations, modifications, and color changes that adhere to the stand acceptable criteria. Additional improvement projects would include , among others, re-roofing, deck remodels that match the existing constructions, re-pavement of driveways and parking areas, and small landscaping projects. To determine which projects fall within theses categories for “in-house review”, please consult the GM/CSM.

The Design Review process is available to current members only who must first submit a Design Review Application, supporting documents as required, and the required fee amount. After receiving final written approval from NPOA, members can begin work after paying any required deposit amount. Northstar Property Owners Association’s desire is to levy no fines and that all construction deposits will be fully refunded.