How do I access the Appointy Reservation System?

There is a link on our main site ribbon that will take you directly to Appointy.  If any owners need the password to gain entry, they can submit a form through the contact us page, or by calling the office at 530-562-0322.

What amenities are currently available to reserve at the Recreation Center?

The Lap Pool is the only current amenity open for reservation at the Rec Center.  Reservations are booked in hour time period slots with a maximum of 3 people per hour slot.

How many guests am I allowed for the Recreation Center?

Each property allows for up to 16 guests.  Each guest with a guest card is charged a 5$ entrance fee.  For member cards, up to 10 guests are permitted complementary, with the remaining 6 guests charged a $5 entrance fee for each.

How much is the annual Assessment for NPOA?

The current annual Assessment for NPOA is $1,200 that comes due on January 1.

How do I change information on my property?

You can change your information about your property through your resident portal profile settings, or by contacting the NPOA office at (530) 562-0320.

Any other questions can be submitted here: