Are Reservations required to access the Recreation Center?

Starting July 8th, Reservations will not be required to visit the Recreation Center.  Members and their guests will have access to throughout hours of operation of 7am – 8pm.

How do I make a reservation for Tennis and Pickleball?

Reservations for tennis and pickleball are made directly through our Pro Shop by calling 530-562-0321 or emailing tennisnorthstar@gmail.com

How many guests am I allowed for the Recreation Center?

Each property allows for up to 16 guests.  Each guest with a guest card is charged a 5$ entrance fee, which is not included with any rental agreement or agency.  For member cards, up to 10 guests are permitted complementary, with the remaining 6 guests charged a $5 entrance fee for each.

How much is the annual Assessment for NPOA?

The current annual Assessment for NPOA is $1,200 that comes due on January 1.

How do I change information on my property?

You can change your information about your property through your resident portal profile settings, or by contacting the NPOA office at (530) 562-0320.

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