Risk Management/Legal Committee

The Risk Management/Legal Committee consists of two or more members. This Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors for the purpose of facilitating and expediting the Board’s review and decision-making process with respect to a broad array of legal and insurance related matters. The Risk Management/Legal Committee is charged with identifying, assessing and managing the various risks relating to NPOA’s operations. This includes, among other things, review of the Association governance documents, procedures and rules, including conducting a periodic review and updating of NPOA’s By-Laws and Declaration, as well as staying apprised of changes in state and local laws impacting homeowner’s associations. The Committee also attempts to control risks to the Association by overseeing and periodically revising its insurance coverage. Further, the Committee oversees and revises various contracts and agreements with third party vendors, contractors and other outside entities.  It manages and oversees the Association’s employment policies, manuals and procedures, as well as any employee litigation exposure. The Committee is also involved in the review and updating of the Design Review Guidelines and related documents.

Paul Schumacher, Chair