NPOA Condo Committee

The NPOA/Condominium Liaison Committee consists of two or more members, including members from various of the condominium associations which are part of NPOA. Currently, one member each from Aspen Grove Condominium Association, Indian Hills Condominium Association, Gold Bend Condominium Association, Ski Trails Condominium Association, and Timbercreek Condominium Association serve on the Committee, as well as several NPOA Board members. This Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors for the purpose of facilitating and expediting communications between this Association and the aforementioned Condominium Associations on issues which are common to all concerned.

Colette Findley, Chair

Not Pictured:

Pete Vall-Spinosa (Aspen Grove)

Jim Kooler (Indian Hills)

Jeff Ipsaro (Gold Bend)

John Levine (Ski Trails)

Andrew Bavetta (Timbercreek)

Not Pictured: Al Roth