Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee consists of three professional members (“DRC Professionals”) and one or more liaison members who are also members of the Board of Directors. In selecting the DRC Professionals, the Board endeavors to select individuals whose occupations and/or education will provide technical knowledge and expertise relevant to matters within the Committee’s jurisdiction; usually the DRC Professionals consist of one or more architects or contractors.  The Committee has the duty to consider and act upon any proposals and plans for Improvements submitted to it pursuant to the Association’s Declaration of CC&Rs (“Declaration”), to advise on adoption of  Design Review Guidelines pursuant to the Declaration, to make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning any proposed Variances, and to carry out all other architectural review duties imposed by the Declaration. In the planning and development process, the developers of Northstar anticipated the fact that homes would be designed and constructed by individuals from varied backgrounds with different goals and attitudes. Therefore, in order to achieve some uniformity in design and architecture, NPOA’s Declaration sets forth minimum design requirements specific to our community and provides for further detail to be included within the Design Review Guidelines which are revised and updated over time. It is the duty and responsibility of the Design Review Committee to achieve that uniformity through its design review of all single-family homes and all improvements (including all home remodel and landscaping projects) proposed on Northstar home sites under NPOA’s jurisdiction.

Design Review Committee Board Liasions

Not Pictured: Chris Somers, Chair

Design Review Professionals

Reviews and approves all new constructions for the “single family” dwellings.  It oversees design, coverage, variances, landscape, green building, defensible space, and more.

Tad Herrington, Contractor
Eric A. Anderson, Architect
Patrick McEnany, Landscape Architect