Single Family Residence Bear Boxes

Placer County Code requires the installation of bear boxes on properties above 5,000 feet in elevation when permitting new residential construction or additions over 500 square feet. The county may also require bear-resistant garbage enclosures if a bear access problem is determined.

Homeowners must submit a Northstar Property Owners Association (NPOA) Project Review Application. You can get a Project Review Application by calling NPOA at 530-562-0322. Containers must be covered on the sides and back to be architecturally compatible with materials and colors of the residential structure and integration within the lot. If you are looking into installing a bear shed at a single-family residence within NPOA, we strongly suggest you consider the following before beginning:

Review Fee: Bear Boxes do require a review fee. Please review the NPOA Project Review Application.

Size: Choose the right size box. All of your putrescible trash (food, waste, and non recyclables) must be able to fit easily within the box in order to be effective. Sizes range to fit 1-3 individual 32 oz cans.

Location: The container must be placed on private property. The ideal location is 15 to 25 feet from the edge of pavement, with easy access for trash collection service. Containers must be located in a place in compliance with Placer County, Northstar Community Service District, or other agency guidelines. The location must be approved by NPOA’s Design Review Committee.

Public Right of Way: Generally placed 50″ from the center line of the road. Sheds/boxes may only be allowed in public right-of-way or utility service easements upon permission from Northstar Community Services District

Serviceability: Locations further than 25 feet from the edge of pavement are subject to an additional monthly house service fee from TTSD directly to the residential homeowner. Boxes must be cleared of vehicles and snow in winter. TTSD has the right to refuse to collect from a location which is inaccessible.